Monday, January 26, 2009

Is your light shining?

There is a little detective in all of us. We are all looking for hints of identity and hidden secrets. How many times do you find yourself constructing a profile of someone's life based on their clothing, accessories, body language, facial appearance, and mannerisms.

As Christ's followers, you should exhibit your commitment to God and His Kingdom. Most people do not see you during your private time of prayer, reading the Bible, and resisting personal temptation. They see you from the street, across the fence, hall, office, and pews.

How do people recognize you as God's ambassador? It is by your smile, joy, compassion in the face of another's misfortune, friendliness, simple lifestyle, random acts of kindness, tears, generosity, and public expressions of your private faith.

This word is starved for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, simplicity, honesty, and compassion. Christians specialize in these things. It is not enough just to talk about the Lord, to serve Him in secret. We have to display the lifestyle in the midst of our corrupt culture.

What in you life offer solid evidence that I am a follower of Christ?

What in my life contradict the claim that I am a follower of Christ?

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