Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

Another awesome Sunday at Journey Life Church.

Throughout the entire sermon God showed me all the men that were put in my life despite the fact I had no actual father. I looked differently at the gift that was given to me all those years yesterday.

One family in particular adopted me into their family and picked me up for every Sunday to go to church. All my youth I remember they were there ready to get me there. They helped me learn who Jesus was and what it was to walk the Christian walk.

On top of that family my mother always made sure there were men in my life that I could learn from. My mom did such an awesome job raising me up to be how I am. Even during the stressful teen years she held on and would not let me go down the wrong road.

So for all the fathers out there I hope you had a blessed Fathers Day. A special thank you and appreciation goes out to all the men out there that are fathers to kids they do not have be to. You may never know how much of an impact it makes it that childs life.

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