Sunday, February 28, 2010

God's Protection

On Thursday Jamie and I went to Grand Rapids for a couple days.

We started our trip by volunteering at the Dave Ramsey Total Moneymaker LIVE! event. Jamie and I have done this for 4 years now.

We help people with questions about starting their journey of Godly stewardship. Through Financial Peace University in 13 weeks you learn basic information about finances. Which may seem like a long time but it is life changing.

Who knows how many lives we changed by giving 8 hours of our life.

Side note, I am praying for the means to go and get trained to be one of Dave's financial counselors. I know it will be in God's timing and not mine.

On Friday we spent the day doing things together. Man was that awesome. We have not had much time together since Jamie has started working again.

Did not seem to matter where we went our GPS was sending us in the wrong direction.

Through all the frustration we missed a 4 car accident and almost getting hit by a car that was not able to stop.

We made it to our destination later than we would have liked but we were safe. That is definitely more important.

Thank God for for your protection. We love the blessings we were given during our trip seen and unseen.

We must remember that through our faithfulness we are given many blessings. These are not always financial blessings. They come in many forms seen and unseen.

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